Preliminary Bus/Bike Stop considerations

The bus/bike stop would be located on the northwest corner of Beta Bridge, where University Way meets Rugby Road and where a UTS bus recently collided with the bridge. The open space left by the bus provides an opportunity to build out past Beta Bridge in the direction of the train tracks. The bus stop would open up that corner to allow for more fluid circulation for pedestrians and cyclists.

To imply the continuation of the boundary that is Beta Bridge, part of the structure (see plan with red arros) would be a sort of solar powered light table sheathed on one side in concrete so that students can paint the structure as they do the bridge. The light table would display the bus schedule and would be powered by solar panels on the angled roof of the structure.

The ravine through which the train tracks run provides a corridor of wind to ventilate the bus shelter in the summer, as well as a new viewpoint for occupants of the bus/bike stop. Rainwater could be collected off of the roof to cool the area in warmer months. In the winter, low angled sun would warm the concrete benches and screens could be pulled down to guard against winds whipping up the train tracks.

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