More on ventilation and lighting

Constructing a difference between one side of a building and the other generates a draw- no need to do this mechanically

Commerce Building, Frankfurt
built in the late 1990s
•    Commercial spaces at street level, major public plaza leads into smaller lobby space
•    The structure weaves technical and urban considerations
Basic structures
•    Major structural corners with “trays” spanning between
•    Every office worker has access to daylight- no office could be more than 7 meters from boundaries.
•    Interior gardens create lateral connections

•    conditions of stacking break up atrium to decrease speed of air flow due to “stack effect”
•    building becomes porous in summer to allow airflow in and out
•    office areas have a thicker façade to allow a higher degree of control in working areas (thicker buffer zone)
air coming in chills the ceiling (summer)
heat source next to window for winter
ventilation process separated from heat source/cooling source.
Must make choice between AC and natural ventilation- cant have both
Windows allow air flow through buffer zone

James Turrell & Lighting

James Turrell is an installation artist who focuses mainly on light and its transformative qualities within a space. He uses light within spaces to play with viewers’ perception of depth and geometry, deconstructing corners and making voids disappear.

Turrell’s work usually encloses the viewer and manipulates how they perceive light within the space.

Turrell creates tunnels and geometric volumes that appear to have mass  but are really nothing more than light.

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