Bus stop/ Bike share final design



The bus/bike stop is located on the corner of University Way and Rugby. It cuts into that corner to allow for improved pedestrian circulation across and around Beta Bridge. A slanted roof clad in photovoltaics blocks the occupant from strong summer sun while harnessing the energy of the sun’s rays to power lights within the structure.

A solar powered “light table” illuminates the structure and displays the bus schedule. The table implies the continuation of the boundary that is Beta Bridge and  is sheathed in a concrete shell on the side facing the street so that students can continue the tradition of painting the bridge.

The slanted roof allows winter sunlight to enter the structure and warm the concrete benches. A water collection trough is connected to the concrete bench on the northwest side. Water from the roof gets directed here to cool the structure in the summer when wind blows up from the railroad tracks below. Cooler air from below the bridge also cools the bus stop in warm weather. Louvers on the northwest side of the structure can be controlled by the occupant to block wind in the winter and some sun (sun filters through trees on that side) if necessary.

A large tree on the other side of Rugby Road shields street-side of the structure from low sun at the end of the day. Bike racks wrap around the corner down University Way.

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