Systems in Studio




My building, located at Elfreth’s Alley in Philadelphia Pennsylvania, is a studio and teaching center for Philadelphia’s Mural Arts Program.  As such, tall spaces and lighting were very important to the design. The sections above are a longitudinal view of the site and a lateral view showing sun angles entering the building. The facade of the building is pushed and pulled, and three systems incorporated (translucent glass, frosted glass, and a metal shading device) control the light entering the building depending on program. Northern, diffuse light is maximized and strong southern light shielded in studio and classroom spaces. The copper screening devices (weathered to suggest the the changing nature of the mural walls in the building over time) are located on the southern face, facing Elfreth’s Alley.  Air flows through spaces in accordance with the stack effect and is released through louvers. Air and light also enter through the junction between the three systems mentioned above; where metal screen meets translucent or transparent surface.

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One Response to Systems in Studio

  1. ebr7t says:

    Andrea, I find your diagrams very clear–you have put a lot of thought into how air will circulate throughout your building. I also appreciate your use of copper in your building. I also chose to use metal in my final project. I, like you, find beauty in the metallic weathering. The aging brings a human scale and tactility to the metal that fits very well into the Philadelphia urban setting.

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